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  1. Bubba Kush

    Bubba Kush

    A near purebred Indica strain, Bubba Kush offers a sweet and aromatic earthiness that is certainly hard to top. Its history can be traced back to the Hindu Kush landrace strains. And with bulkier buds and colours that run the gamut from deep green to lavender, it definitely possesses a distinctive look. Reserved for those quieter at-home nights, or at least more restful occasions, Bubba Kush is a total body-encompassing, couchlock-inducing power hitter. Learn More

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  2. VIP Package

    VIP Package

    This Week's Featured Strain *Moby Dick* A full half-ounce of one of our Premium-Grade strains at up to 30% off the website price. Included with each package: -A 1/2oz of premium grade flower -New strains each month -Save up to 30% off retail prices *Please be advised that the VIP is subject to change without notice. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that the VIP strain at the time of purchase will be the strain that will be selected at the time of the order being processed* Learn More
  3. God's Green Crack (AAA Crop)

    God's Green Crack (AAA Crop)

    A near perfect hybrid, (55% Indica/45% Sativa) this is was born of the combination of God Bud and the immensely popular Sativa, Green Crack. It is sweet, fruity and produces an effect that immediately puts one into a simultaneous calming and uplifting sensation. Producing a unique and delicious body buzz, God’s Green Crack has been very successful for those looking to treat anxiety, sleeplessness or lack of appetite. Learn More

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  4. Romulan


    Trekkies beware, this strain is Indica based with some trace roots of Sativa. The heavy frosty buds make for the perfect relaxation. Nearing sedation, Romulan offers the optimal remedy for whatever ails you. From pain to muscle spasms, its pine aroma and earthy taste transport one into the feeling-no-pain zone. Learn More
  5. White Widow

    White Widow

    First grown in the Netherlands, White Widow is world renown. It represents a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica, and that’s where the magic comes in! With white crystalline resin, you know it’s got to be powerful. This is euphoria at its best; this is the legend that has given birth to numerous highly popular strains. Energy, creativity and a full body high—it doesn’t get any better. Learn More
  6. Bubble Gum Kush

    Bubble Gum Kush

    As it is 80% Indica, Bubble Gum Kush really brings it! Flavorful, sweet and sour, with a fun and whimsical aroma, this strain will totally help to relax and calm you. It has worked wonders for those suffering from migraines, chronic pain and depression. Learn More

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  7. Silver Haze

    Silver Haze

    Combining Haze with Northern Lights, this one has some shine to it. And shiny and happy is how you will most definitely feel. A Sativa, it leaves you feeling uplifted and more focused than you ever have. For depression, anxiety or even PTSD, this one is a great elixir. Learn More

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  8. Super Silver Haze

    Super Silver Haze

    Long lasting, this one will make your mind and body feel like they’re floating on cloud nine. 80/20 in favour of the Sativa, this strain has it all: a sweet and fruity flavour, a relaxing effect, and an uplifting sensation that helps you cope with anything that comes your way. This will bring you to that happy place. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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