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Cannalope Haze

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Better than candy, the Cannalope Haze buds remind one instantly of a sweet and sour, fruit blast. With hints of melon, and tropical fruit you get an experience that transports you while providing the ultimate full-on body buzz. Boasting a 20% THC count, you can rest assured that you will feel a Sativa-like exhilaration and energy rush. A perfect nighttime elixir, Cannalope Haze has been known to help with appetite loss as well as diabetes and glaucoma.
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A real cotton mouth strain, these buds taste like sweet and sour melons, pine and Haze. Carrying only about five percent Indica in its genes, Cannalope Haze still produces a more hybrid like effect. With a THC count of up to 20 percent, this stain activates the mind and calms the body. Users most often feel spurred on by an exhilarating energy and an underlying body buzz. But some users feel the Indica effects much more strongly and quickly find themselves looking for a place to take a nap. To create this almost pure Sativa hybrid, DNA Genetics crossed a Haze with a male Mexican landrace Sativa. Users should be careful when they decide to take this one for the first time, depending on a user's biochemistry it may be more suited for nighttime use. Cannalope Haze can effectively alleviate chronic pain, stress and anxiety. This strain may also be used to help treat diabetes, glaucoma, nausea, mood disorders, migraines and eating disorders. Like the name suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this strain is a great solution for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss. The smooth taste and hefty resin production make it great for producing concentrates.

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