moms who smoke weedOver the past few years, weed, also referred to as pot or marijuana, has been quite a debated topic. It has been approved for recreational use in many states of the US. Although, you have to meet certain medical requirements and acquire a license to use marihuana medically. The doctors also need to be approved to prescribe it.

Weed has been a part of society and culture for a long period of time. But it has always been something controversial. While some people will openly smoke weed, others frown upon it. Therefore, when it comes to parents smoking weed, it is an even bigger issue of controversy. But it should not come as a surprise that some parents are regularly smoking weed albeit following certain rules.

While both parents are important for kids, mothers are given more importance than fathers. Mother is considered to be many of our firsts: first love, first teacher, and the first thing to come in mind. Mother knows what her kid wants, she can comfort her baby in a special way, and her hugs are the best medicine for us.  Moms smoking weed has always been questionable in the eyes of society. But the perceptions are gradually changing. Additionally, many moms who smoke have admitted to becoming better at parenting.

Weed and Better Parenting

Parents are known to have a glass of wine here and there to take the edge off. Taking care of children has never been easy and in today’s fast-paced digital era, the task has become even more difficult. Nowadays, a large number of households have both parents working. Working mothers are known to get exhausted so it has been long since found to be acceptable if they enjoy a strong drink sometimes.

Many moms that smoke pot admits freely to it. They will tell you that they get together with other mothers whose children have a playdate with theirs. When the kids frolic in the yard, the mothers enjoy a herbal concoction.

It is important to remember that moms smoking weed don’t go out of their senses. Weed comes in a large variety and recreational use is not meant to inebriate you. With that in mind, we should stop judging moms who smoke pot. It is quite similar to taking a glass of wine when you have been totally brought down by the unmatched energy of kids.

In this article, we take down the controversy of moms smoking and list of a few reasons why they actually should smoke weed.

Reasons for Moms to Smoke Weed

You Can Be That Parent

Have you ever just looked at some moms and felt like they have more energy than you around their kids? Like they really are superwomen. Well, it does not mean that all energetic moms smoke pot. While some mothers are just naturally energetic, you can be too.

You must be efficient in managing your kids and their daily needs but many moms smoking rave about being extra efficient. It lessens their stress levels so they become better equipped to deal with the kids, seeing their problems more clearly. It is just like the artists finding the focus they need when they smoke pot.

Enjoy a Hobby

Moms are often so invested in their children that they forget to have a life of their own. This is truer for a stay about the home moms. Most of the daily chores they will go about are somehow related to the kids and the family. Why not do something solely for oneself? Of course, being one of those moms who smoke weed not because it is their hobby. Furthermore, weed can be added to cooking, home-based health, etc.

Stay in Touch with Your Youth

Everybody is going to age. It is inevitable. However, handling kids can increase the pressures of life and add a lot of stress. This can lead to premature ageing at the heart as well. However, moms that smoke pot is likely to find joy and humor in life just like they did when they were younger. You will start discovering newer things and be curious, which is more common in our youthful days. You can age but you don’t have to feel old.

Get Better Sleep

Sleep is one of those things most mothers are deprived of. Ask any mom what they want the most at any given moment, and they will say: ΜΆ “sleeping”. Weed does not put you out of your senses but it can relax you enough to get a good night’s sleep. There is also a variety of weed that specifically promotes good sleep. When you have had a good night, you will wake up naturally rested, refreshed, and energetic. This is just what you need to keep at pace with your growing kids.

Eat Healthy and Set the Right Example

We all want our kids to eat healthily. But most kids will eventually take after their parents. And these parents have long since stopped eating properly because they are running after the younger ones to do the same. Every day as a mom, you must come across blogs about women, who are moms too, eating healthy and talking about diet regimens. And you just wonder why you can’t do this. Moms who smoke pot will naturally feel hungry afterwards. When you eat properly, your kids will eat properly.


The above-mentioned reasons will definitely allow you to think about why you have to become one of those moms smoking. Although this article is all about shunning the controversy and promoting acceptance, it is significant to be responsible for weed use. This applies regardless of you being a parent or not.