what-drug-makes-you-laughLife is easier when things are funny. Doctors prescribe controlled marijuana use to cancer patients or patients under great pain. The heavily guarded secret is now out! Marijuana makes everything seem funny. When the high laughing distracts the patient, he gets relieved from his pain. Marijuana is not only for those, who suffer from strong pain. Everyone who wants to have a good time can try it out. If you are with your fellow stoner, try asking him: “Why does weed make you laugh?” The answer to this will be more laughter.

Your Question Finally Answered

The question “why do you laugh when you get high on weed?” is one that many weed users cannot stop themselves from asking. One of the best feelings ever is laughing when you get high. What cannabis does in the human system is to amplify already existing processes. It does not bring anything new to the human body. The normal reason for laughing is brought about by a feeling of happiness and contentment. In the human system, marijuana triggers the release of more dopamine and endorphins. These two chemicals are among the four chemicals that cause happiness in animals. When they are released at a high rate than normal, people start viewing everything positive and feel happy naturally causing intense laughter.

Mirror Neurons

Another answer to “why does marijuana make you laugh?” is because of mirror neuron effect. Humans have mirror neurons that are responsible for catching subtle signals from their environment. After seeing a subtle signal, the mirror neurons take notes and cause an individual to mimic the same. It is for this reason that when a person yawns, people around her/him also yawn. Mirror neurons also imitate negative emotions. When a person enters a room laughing but finds there people expressing very sad faces, the laughter immediately ends and a feeling of sadness kicks in. When the person gets high on marijuana it may have the effect of mirror union that causes one to laugh. However, because dopamine and endorphins are in plenty in the human system because of the weed, the laughter extends than the one normally caused by mirror neurons. 

Laughter Without Borders

There is no laughter like weed laughter.  This laughter can extend to hours. The good thing about weed laughing is that what never makes you smile on a normal. Being high on weed, you will laugh at your pain or a situation that seems difficult to overcome. When on a serious function such as a burial ceremony, staying away from your supply is the best thing because weed knows no border. 

Good And Bad Weed

Is there good and bad weed? In the contemporary world, it is hard not to find a counterfeited product. The quality of weed can be affected by the way, in which the weed is grown. There are different ways to detect the quality of weed. By mastering the smell of good weed, one can separate the good weed from a bad one. Now, the problem is to know the good weed, which can be used for comparison. For comparison purposes, the good weed is simply the weed that makes you laugh. One can also tell apart good weed from bad weed through the color. Good quality weed should be green in color but can have shades of light green to dark green. There are other methods including the trim and bud structure. However, the bottom line is that any weed that gets you laughing is a good weed.

A Drug That Makes You Giggle

The term “drugs” send people into a panic mode. It is associated with death, addiction, rape, and many other bad things. Many people do not believe that marijuana can make their worries go temporarily away. It can sharply reduce or completely end the pain in a matter of minutes. When the advantages of using marijuana are stated, many do not believe that drug can cause laughing. It is so until they try it. Many change their opinion with their first experiment with marijuana.

How Do People Act When They Are High?

The society forces people to act in different ways contrary to their wish. For instance, people will be forced to act mature while from inside, they may feel like dancing to every tune and laughing from internal jokes. This does not happen because society expects people to behave in a certain manner. When high, people forget about societal expectations and do what they feel is good. When high, there is an unrestrained moment. When high, people are more generous. Others are more talkative while some are extremely silent. Every person acts differently when he gets high. The common thing about being high is that everyone acts differently from normal.


This information about weed is entertaining. To make a long story short, marijuana not only has a number of benefits, which are useful for treating or relieving strong symptoms of various complicated diseases. It also helps to awaken the humor in us, making the life less stressful.

Why Marijuana Makes Things Funnier