cannabis concentrates - shatterBecause of the great popularity of marijuana, the users created more remedies of getting high. Concentrates from the cannabis plant can give more repletion than the weed in its original condition. For instance, the amount of active constituents, such as cannabinoids, in pure cannabis is of 5 to 18 percent, when the extracts have up to 80 percent scop.

Definition of Cannabis Shatter

Shatter is one of the types of cannabis concentrates. It looks like honey, with some difference in color and transparency. Its consistency is very similar to very thick honey. Being cold, its consistency reminds glass. Are you interested why this concentrate is called “shatter”? The answer is very simple. When this concentrate is cold, it looks like glass as well as shatters like the glass if it is tapped or dropped, hence its term “shatter”.

The main feature that distinguishes this extract from the others is its clearness. In other words, as the ending outcome, shatter doesn’t involve any exterior chemicals.

In comparison with all the concentrates, shatter is the most powerful, strong and drastic extract, received from cannabis herb. It is produced by taking out terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds. A special technique is used for this matter, where the point is to deduce natural psychotropic chemical agents, such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) that have a big impact on brain and body.

The process includes passing the solvent, called butane, through breezy or cured cannabis weed, that was diligently brought up before. As a result of this reaction, the butane hash oil emerges in an amber color appearance. The following move, in order to free the matter from the solvent, implicates heating and volatilizing. The temperature should be high, approximately 90 degrees (it varies) and the time, needed for full vaporizing of butane, runs from 12 to 24 hours. Being ardent, this concentrate looks like a tight honey, but in a final cool condition, shatter has sleek, vitreous consistency with semitransparent stature.

How to use Cannabis Shatter?

Different ways of feeling shatter impact are well-liked among the users. Thus, according to saturation degree, you can find the most convenient for yourself.

For those, who only start to familiarize themselves with shatter, it is better, to begin with, a little. A well choice is to use joint as the way of trying. Mince a small amount of shatter to the weed inside the joint and roll it with the paper. You can also wrap the base form of weed with the cannabis concentrate and then again with the drained flowers.

The best way to get absolute high with shatter is dabbing. The process, that indicates the usage of butane oil, is considered to be the most favored method of consuming the concentrates among the consumers, mostly because it doesn’t suppose direct smoking, but inhaling steam only. The cannabinoids react faster and the influence is higher, what gives the opportunity to have more with only several dabs.

You can use a dab rig, an adopted device for shatter vaporizing. Consisting of two open sections (one for inserting the heated nail and another for imbibing the vapors), dab rig is easy in handling and producing the cannabis extract directly into lunges for rapid action.

The finest thing for every day or fast-working appliance is shattered pen, — a portative kind of vaporizing system with benefits of getting a full odor from the cannabis concentrate without burning. Vape pen is composed of the mouthpiece, battery, and pulverizer. Before volatilizing, it is necessary to make ready the shatter by dabbing a small content. Then take it to the coil and press the button to start the process. The cloud of vapors is huge, despite the small size of the device, which is considered to work heavier than dab rigs.

Shatter edibles, as well, form one more enjoyable manner of using cannabis concentrate. You can taste it with candies, pancakes or brownies. Plenty of recipes include shattering adding, with different dosing as well. The thing is to heat it with butter or oil before baking together with a prepared mixture of any dessert. Together it works best and you can admire the flavor of edibles and afterward fun.

No matter what type of taking shatter you’ll choose. Keep in mind that this concentrate is the most vigorous of all its affiliates.

Where to buy Cannabis Shatter and its Appliances?

Ever since marijuana has become legal for recreational purposes in Colorado and Washington (in 2012), adults ages 21 and older, who live in these states, can buy cannabis and its concentrates up to 1 ounce in any licensed store.

Seven more States (Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont) and Washington, DC have supplemented the list, where marijuana legal market flourishes. 

On June 19, 2018, Canada has joined this company, legalizing recreational cannabis all over the country. Now purchasing shatter is approachable for everyone, but be careful with supplier license in order to get high-quality cannabis concentrate.

It’s entirely possible to buy cannabis shatter online. But the thing is you may do it legally only with the medical assignment. Illegally it is also accessible, but too risky.

What about appliances, it is much easier to acquire. You can find them in any specialized shop across the country or you can order them online without any problem.    


Cannabis shatter has all the feasibilities to let you super-high. But be careful, if you want to try it at home. The weed on its own is pretty safe, while chemicals used for extraction are flammable. For that reason, it’s better to have special equipment or simply buy a prepared product and get absolute enjoyment you want to.

Be high and take care of yourself! Peace!