weed good for creativityWeed, also known as marijuana, pot, grass, or ganja, is a notorious drug derived from the plant of cannabis. This drug is widely used unlawfully for the purpose of getting an elated feeling. The use of marijuana can cause a sudden alteration in mood and perception engendering a feeling of relaxation. The use of this drug is most common amongst the youngsters. It has become a mainstream element in the youth culture. Sad and depressed individuals use marijuana to escape from reality. Past decades have seen an exponential increase in the use of weed.

We all know weed as the infamous and illicit substance that has the capability to ruin a good man’s reputation. Every day we get different types of warnings regarding the use of weed. Whether it is an awareness campaign or public service message, we are told to stay away from it. Weed is famous for its hazardous effects on the human health and that is the reason why the use of it is illegal in most countries. However, these are not the only characteristics of this drug. Weed also has the ability to boost creativity.

Is Weed Good for Creativity?

Due to the uprising debate on the effects of weed on the brain, many people question whether weed is really good for creativity or not. The effects of weed on the creative part of the brain have not been extensively studied. Therefore, this extraordinary quality of weed has been undiscovered and not much talked about. Studies from the 1970s and onwards suggest that regular use of marijuana-induced creativity in the individual.

Studies show that intake of drugs especially with cannabinoids in them can cause divergent thinking. This allows them to get rid of ordinary and common thoughts. Due to feelings of intense elevation, individuals start focusing more on rare and unusual ideas, which induces more creativity in them.

Many celebrities have backed this drug up by saying it has helped them in developing great ideas. The well-applauded celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Steve Jobs, Alanis Morrissette and many others have praised the drug for its extraordinary capabilities. Lady Gaga said that she smoked marijuana while writing songs. Bob Marley suggested that music and herb go together. Steve Jobs said that marijuana had made him feel relaxed and more creative.

These are the people that are admired all over the world for their creativity and excellent insight into art. Their words make it clear that they used weed for creativity and it has been a great way of getting inspired to form new ideas.

Best Weed Strains for Creativity

There are different strains of marijuana with different levels of cannabinoids. The following list contains the best weed strains for creativity.

1. Kali Mist:

Kali Mist is a euphoric strain that uplifts the imagination levels and allows you to be more focused. It also amplifies the levels of enthusiasm and happiness. Artists widely use it to overcome any sleeplessness and low energy levels.

2. Jack Herer:

Artists have admitted that the use of Jack Herer has made them feel smarter. This strain has a strong aroma to it that accelerates energy levels and boosts creativity. It is considered one of the best weed strains for creativity.

3. Chemdawg:

Chemdawg is a powerful hybrid that is used to boost creativity. This strain is so strong that the use of it can be dizzying and nauseous. Its sharpness can cause euphoria. It also has the ability to ignite new thinking processes. It can be a little overwhelming in the start but with time it can increase creativity and imagination, which is a good way of forming new and revolutionary ideas.

4. Purple Haze:

Purple Haze is considered one of the best weed strains to boost creativity. This strain can instantly reduce the levels of lethargy and weaken all the bad moods. It is used to induce positivity, optimism and endless energy in the mind. It is widely used by the artists to overcome laziness. It is also used by students who have to cram overnight for an exam.

5. LSD:

LSD is an extremely potent strain that is famous for inducing high levels of creativity. This drug has the ability to tangle up all your conscious thoughts and give you a new insight on them. It can also illuminate the thoughts and ideas hidden deep in your subconscious mind. It is one of the highly recommended strains by the artists to boost creativity. Many artists have admitted that LSDs helped them removing any creative blocks that they had in their minds.

6. Tangie:

Tangie is a Sativa strain that is used mostly by artists that have to do a prolonged focusing on a project that could have been boring and tiring otherwise. Tangie is famous for its long-lasting euphoric feeling. It can make a person focus and concentrate for a prolonged period of time.

7. Jillybean:

Jillybean is a hybrid strain that can provide you with a delightful moment of euphoria. It takes away any depressing thoughts or bad moods and leaves you with an unburdened mind to focus on ideas.

8. Berry White:

This strain is an effective remedy for anyone suffering from anxiety or PTSD. It can take away any aches and pains and leave the person feeling more relaxed and focused.


People have been using drugs like cannabis and weed for years to boost their creative part of the brain. Science has also proved the effectiveness of these drugs in inducing creativity. These drugs help an individual to temporarily forget about their harsh realities and let them focus on their insights to produce million-dollar ideas. While it may be an effective way of gaining concentration, artists should be well-aware of the adversities of using this drug. It is vital for the ideas to flourish inside you but your health is equally important. The high and regular dosage of weed can cause serious health problems and individuals should avoid such risks.