And the reason for this stems from the fact that cannabis is a substance that has been tagged illegal and banned in so many countries of the world; only a few countries such as Uruguay and Canada have legalized this substance for recreational use in their countries.

Demand And Supply Of Cannabis

Asides from these two countries (Canada and Uruguay) and some 10 states of the United States of America which include California, Vermont, Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, Washington DC, Massachusetts and Washington State; cannabis is termed as "illegal" and "bad" in cities and countries all around the world.

And because of the ban placed on the purchase, selling, and usage of cannabis; there is an improper ratio as regards the buying and selling of cannabis in these countries with cannabis ban.

For every 50 users/buyers you find, there are less than 5 sellers/suppliers of this substance; and because of this, the demand for cannabis is so high than the supply.

Asides from the ban, the other reason for the scarcity of cannabis is the high demand for cannabis for medicinal usage; such as in the production of drugs and medicines for the cure of muscle spasms, glaucoma, inflammations, and other health challenges.

In the same vein, cannabis is hugely demanded the manufacturing of beauty products, such as hair shampoos, hair creams, hair conditioners, hair serums, skin cream, skin masks, and skin serums.

Introduction To Fake Cannabis

Due to the low supply and high demand for cannabis, there is an introduction of a different variant of cannabis into the market; an adulterated, fake and harmful version of cannabis.

Also known as Synthetic Cannabis, this fake version of cannabis came about as a result of the craving of different individuals, cannabis merchants and companies to make up for this shortage of supply, and ultimately make money from unsuspecting cannabis buyers and users.

Fake Cannabis; An Overview

Fake cannabis (or synthetic cannabis) is an artificial mix of different types of plants which include grasses, herbs, and leaves that are not cannabis at all. Therefore, in order to make it look like cannabis and to duplicate the same "highness" that cannabis gives, this fake cannabis is sprayed with chemicals that are harmful to the body, and packaged in attractive labels and packs, to sell to unsuspecting buyers; and the common brands of fake cannabis include Black Mamba, Sexy Monkey, Spice, Kush, Joker, and K2.

Effects Of Fake Cannabis To The Body

Fake Cannabis affects the same brain cell receptors that real cannabis affects: and it also makes the consumer feel relaxed and high as cannabis does.

But the difference remains that fake cannabis causes the following negative reactions in the body of the consumers; trouble breathing, vomiting, hallucination, convulsion, nausea, stroke, loss of concentration/consciousness, anxiety, heart attack, psychotic break down, paranoia, kidney damage, and death.

How To Differentiate Between Fake Cannabis And Real Cannabis

The truth is that there is so much fake cannabis in the market right now than real cannabis. And this is because the fake version is easy to manufacture in large quantities and they are so cheap.

This is why cannabis consumers need to be careful of what they buy and consume, lest they fall prey to dubious sellers and suppliers.

Asides from the side effects which consumers experience after smoking fake cannabis; some attributes differentiate the real cannabis from fake cannabis.

The first thing that sets the difference between the real and the fake, is the attractive wrappers/packs that the fakes are sold in and the suspicious "not for human consumption" and "natural" labels that come with the wrappers; but asides from the wrappers, here are the best ways to spot a fake cannabis quickly;

* First and foremost, fake cannabis is finely cut and smooth to touch, unlike the real one that has lots of buds.

* Also, fake cannabis is greenish-brown in color while the original is lime green or purple in color.

* In addition, real cannabis contains stems, buds, and leaves, while the fake version looks more like grasses, hay, and flowers.

* Furthermore, fake cannabis is sticky to touch and doesn't crumble easily unlike the real one.

* Finally, real cannabis smells organic and fresh; just like the earth, while the fake smells and tastes like chemicals.

Knowing how to spot fake cannabis is a good start to healthy cannabis consumption; but to be on the safe side, it is better to have a steady and trustworthy supplier that you buy from.

This will help save you from a lot of supply troubles, and also help you avoid ingesting/using the bad cannabis that is detrimental to one's health.