first time smoking weedYou have chosen to smoke weed for the first time! All things considered, there are a few things you should know first before smoking weed for the first time. To make the ideal first time weed smoking experience, we have assembled a guide with some first time smoking weed tips. Continue reading to take in a few tips for smoking weed for the first time.

In case you are new to smoking weed, the whole idea about how to try and do it might appear to be foreign. When you move beyond the obstacle of really getting it, how would you use it? What does it do! Ok, well, your interest has driven you this far, and we feel that is energizing. Being very much informed on what marijuana does, where to get it and how to use it capably will help you to set up a good first weed smoking experience.

There's nothing more awful than making abhorrence for weed since you spoiled the first time by taking excessively. Keep away from that issue by reading this guide on the most skillful method to smoke weed effectively and getting high for the first time!

Drink Water before You Start

A major aspect, regarding smoking weed, is that it can make the mouth dry particularly in case if you aren’t used to it. A number of people say that they drink loads of water after they have had a couple of puffs. Keep in mind that smoke is hot and makes the mouth, throat, and mouth dry. Drinking is fundamental however if you drink water before you start smoking weed, you will be able to reduce the water craving.

Edibles, Concentrates or a Plain Joint

If this is your first time high, then don't overstate. It is the best to begin off little and get a vibe. Figure out how the body responds to weed. There are heaps of various smoking alternatives including limit bowls, joints, vapes, bongs, and other assortments of gadgets available. A joint is the most effortless approach to begin. Don’t try to move it yourself as you will presumably treat it terribly. Just ask a veteran or the dispensary where you are buying the weed to do it for you. Make sure to tell them that it is your first time.

Choose the Right Place

You might need to settle down some comfortable and safe place. Maintain a strategic distance from open places or cooperating with outsiders when smoking for the first time. Simply put yourself someplace where the result will be more unsurprising. The public is overpowering and capricious, so for simply beginning that will be an awful thought!

The Magic of Munchies

It would be a pleasant plan to get some munchies ahead of time and be prepared for when the time comes. In the event that you attempt to hit the washroom once they have just arrived, you may end up coming out with arm heaps of junk food. Stick to what you like to eat, healthy or unhealthy, and have them prepared. Whatever you most of the time crave for will be perfect, there is no mystery formula for the munchies food items.

Don’t Smoke Alone

Weed won't quickly influence you. It regularly takes two or three minutes to begin to influence your cerebrum and give you that buzz feeling. Fundamentally, following two or three minutes your cannabinoid receptors kick in and begin to play around. They change your inclination, increment your craving and influence you to feel like the time isn't cruising by.

After around 15 minutes you will feel that time has backed off as though you were in the Matrix film. This is an awesome experience as it will enable you to break down yourself and your environment. It is necessary to have somebody near you while getting high for the first time. Basically, begin proactively conversing with him or her and you’ll not experience any fear while you’ll try your first high.

Music Does Help

To really make the most of your buds, you must be in the correct state of mind. The thought is to relax and appreciate getting high for the first time. In the event that there is a sure jive that you jump at the chance to tune in to that can get you in the temperament, then let it all out. In addition, it will add a radical new measurement of smoking for the first time experience.

The Coming Down

Another thing on the weed tips list is coming down. Gratefully, the come down isn't as awful as a horrible after effect. You might feel somewhat drowsy so it is best to smoke in the night before you go to bed. Try not to worry about being overtired, this is a typical thing and it wears off.

In the event that this is your first time smoking weed, then appreciate it. Make sure to treat marijuana like your loved one. If you love them right, they will return the favor entirely!


These were some of the first time smoking weed tips that will definitely help you getting high for the first time. The best recommendation is to enjoy and relax. The weed experience is intended to be a relaxing and wonderful one, in the event that you don't let a lot of worries a chance to act as a burden. Make sure to have a good time by surrounding yourself with great individuals, great music, and great food. This will all make the ideal first time smoking experience.

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