Signs of Someone Smoking MarijuanaIt is possible for you to determine whether an individual is smoking marijuana or not, just by taking a look at him. But in order to do that, you need to have a clear understanding of the signs of smoking weed. The signs associated with smoking marijuana are prominent and distinguishable. So, how to know if someone smokes weed? Take a minute and find all the answers below.

Physical Signs of Marijuana Use

If you take a look at the body of an individual, it will be possible for you to determine whether that person is affected by a marijuana addiction or not. Anxiety and panic are two of the most prominent symptoms, indicated by individuals who are addicted to marijuana. Individuals who are addicted towards marijuana show poor limb and muscle coordination as well. When you will interact with them, you will be able to see it. They will find it as a difficult task to get even simple work done. On the other hand, they will display slower reaction as well. Hence, you will find it as a difficult task to maintain smooth and easy communication with such individuals.

One more of the effective methods available for you to determine whether a person is suffering from a marijuana addiction or not is to look into his/her eyes. The pot eyes look tired, dry and reddish. Moreover, marijuana dilates pupils of the eyes.

Those individuals who regularly smoke marijuana will also portray a distorted sense of perception. In the meantime, their heart rate will increase.

Other Signs to Determine a Marijuana Smoker

Apart from the physical signs, you will be able to use many other signs in order to determine whether a person is affected with a marijuana addiction or not.

Having a conversation with a marijuana smoker, you’ll notice that he will often lose focus. As a result, you both will find it as a difficult task to stick to the topic of the conversation. The person will quickly shift to another topic, even if you have not finished the conversation. He will even say things that are completely unrelated to the subject.

Have you ever heard that marijuana is able to impact the appetite?  Hence, a person who has smoked marijuana will show an increased appetite. Due to this reason, a person will come across the need to eat a large number of sweets and junk food after smoking marijuana.

Loss of motivation can often take place due to marijuana smoking. Hence, the person who smokes marijuana will not be tempted to go ahead and do anything. In the meantime, they will experience a lack of energy as well. With that, the person will not show any interest in the activities that he has been engaging with. This can lead to a negative impact on the life of the marijuana smoker as well. They will also sleep excessively throughout the day. Due to this reason, we can also consider bad sleeping habits as another prominent symptom associated with the regular use of marijuana.

People who smoke marijuana tend to laugh a lot. In other words, they tend to laugh at the most inappropriate moments as well. This happens due to the changes that marijuana causes within the body of a person.

If a person smokes marijuana, he will come across the need to have a lot of other accessories. Rolling papers, bongs, pipes and roach chips are perfect examples to prove the above-mentioned fact. If you can see that a person has these items, it will be possible to conclude that he is a marijuana smoker indeed.

Individuals who smoke marijuana will come across a large number of financial and legal issues along with time. In order to purchase marijuana, you need to spend money. When you consume marijuana on a regular basis, you will keep on spending money. This can eventually lead a person towards financial issues. This may become a habit and, as a result, a person will find it as a difficult task to overcome it. On the other hand, a large number of legal issues could also arise due to the consumption of marijuana. That’s mainly because marijuana is not yet legalized in many regions of the world. When the person transports or possesses marijuana, there is a possibility for him/her to come across legal issues as well. In fact, marijuana is considered as an illegal substance to have under possession in many different areas of the world.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that Paranoia is also one of the most prominent signs of smoking weed. Paranoia can simply be defined as the behavior, which is associated with suspicious feelings and thoughts. In other words, the person who smokes marijuana will constantly feel somebody, coming after him.


As you can see, it is clearly possible to identify a person who smokes marijuana from the others who don’t do it. You just need to inspect or get into a conversation with a person to say whether he is smoking marijuana or not. These signs can also be classified into physical signs as well as the other signs, which you can identify through observation and interaction with a suspected person. When you keep it in your mind, you will never find it as a difficult task to figure out whether a person is addicted to marijuana or not.