Minimizing Cannabis OdourIt is a usual thing to enjoy cannabis plants to have some fun and relaxation, however, sometimes it happens you need to conceal the fact you consumed some weed. Stoners try to hide it for a variety of reasons. Moreover, it is not easy to hide this strong and unmistakable marijuana smell. So, how to hide the smell of marijuana?

Here you will find 10 best ways to hide weed smell. Some of them help to get rid of the marijuana smell, several hide weed smoke, some mask the smell, others filter the air.

• Proper Storage

Well, how to hide weed smell? There is an idea to store marijuana in plastic bags. Is it a good idea? Most of the stoners have already convinced that several plastic bags are not a great way for marijuana storage. Fortunately, a solution exists pill bottles and Mason jars. Put your cannabis in a pill bottle or Mason jar, cover it with a lid and you will notice that the weed smell will be minimized. Such a way of marijuana storage will contain the odors in a small place and avoid contaminating more air than necessary.

• Smoke Filter

A smoke filter and sploof are the most important tools in a smoker's arsenal. At least, one of them an experienced stoner should possess. Those smoke filters are aimed at helping users to minimize the weed odor that is produced by blunts, bongs, and joints. How does it mask the smell of weed? You need to take a hit from your joint or bong and exhale the smoke into a filter.

• Sploof

A handmade sploof is something similar to a smoke filter. They both act the same thing: they filter the smoke and help to avoid setting off smoke detectors. There are two ways of making a sploof, they are:

A plastic bottle sploof. You need a plastic bottle, lots of dryer sheets, and a tape. Take your plastic bottle. Make several holes at the bottom (in order to make the process to go a little faster, hot the needle before use). Place one dryer sheet over those holes and tape it down. Then fill your device with lots of dryer sheets.

A toilet paper roll ploof. You need one toilet paper roll, several dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Place a dryer sheet over a toilet paper roll and use a rubber band as a seal for this sploof. Fill your device with dryer sheets. It is done, enjoy a smoke.

• Room Deodorizer

One more method how to cover the smell of weed is to use a room deodorizer. It is capable of masking the weed smell. However, a deodorizer cannot avert the marijuana smoke or smell. And it should be said that air fresheners do not work perfectly well. But in any case, with the help of a room deodorizer, you will confuse your roommate and make it a bit more difficult to recognize the marijuana smell.

• Scented Candles, Incense or Essential Oils

Unlike ordinary bought in a supermarket deodorizer, scented candles, incense or essential oils work much better. They generally will not eliminate the smell of cannabis, but instead just mix with it. So, in such a way, you will be able to conceal the fact you smoked some weed. However, you will experience too much different odors and smells in one room, that you will not have your mind straight.

• Edibles

There are many various methods of consuming weed. Edibles produce less overwhelming smell than marijuana smoking. Moreover, such edibles are delicious and long-lasting. And what is more important - you can consume those edibles secretly almost anywhere and whenever you want.

• Vape

The main advantage of this way of weed consuming is that the smell of vapor doesn’t linger or travel as far as smoke would, and it won’t stick to your clothes either. Well, the next time you face the question of "how to get rid of weed smell?” turn to vape method of consuming marijuana. With a vape-pen, you also will not have to take a lot of hits. You can choose a product meant to be consumed in one hit, according to your wish.

• Air Purifiers

When the question of “how to get rid of instantly noticeable weed smell?” appears, then air purifiers should be mentioned. Well, the air purifier’s goal is to make your air cleaner. So, an air purifier takes some of the smell of the smoke out of the air enabling you to breathe clean air. As a result, it helps you to preserve your lung function.

• Clean Yourself Up

How not to smell like weed? If you’re trying to hide the fact that you’ve been consuming cannabis, make sure you cleaned yourself up properly thereafter. The smell of that dub must be on your face, clothes, especially outerwear, hair and inside your mouth, and will need some cleaning or masking. Having a good shower (this gets rid of the accumulation of particulate weed matter on your skin and in your hair), brushing your teeth, and putting on clean fresh clothes will come in handy.

• Use a Pipe or a One-Hitter

There are two great alternatives to bongs and joints: a pipe and one-hitter. Both produce noticeably less smoke. So, the next time you will need to conceal the marijuana smell, make sure to invest in a solid pipe or a one-hitter and keep it on you for emergency situations. One more pro of those alternatives is the compactness. They can be easily put in a small bag.


Those 10 methods will help you to hide the weed smell after a smoking session. You will find most of those methods very helpful and useful. Due to those 10 ways your home will no longer smell like a pot factory or something like this. Enjoy your favorite marijuana and do not worry about being unmasked.