Weed BrowniesEdibles are not about adding crumble weed to your oven and waiting. You have to invest your time and creativity to make sweet and attractive snacks. In order to make perfect weed edibles, you have a certain amount of knowledge of both cooking and marijuana.

Use of Marijuana is increasingly becoming popular across the world. Previously, making edibles was all about camouflage. While this is still part of the reason for some people, edibles are beyond that. Today, it is about style and having fun in the kitchen. It is not hiding weed in your pocket to keep pinching. The stereotype and judgment in society were significantly reduced.

Why Make Weed Edibles

Cooking weed comes with longer and better experience. Here are some reasons why cooking weed is increasing in popularity:

  • The Marijuana effect comes slowly but strongly. It is more regulated in amount going into your blood stream at any point. The effect lasts longer than when smoking.

  • Besides the effect, you are likely to consume less of edibles than you will when smoking. It lasts longer because you can control your intake.

  • Edibles are much healthier than smoking. Brownies and cookies as the most popular edibles are primarily made of butter.

  • Edibles are more relaxing. There is no heat or smoke involved after the cooking process. It is nothing strange.

  • Cooking means that you have the freedom to exercise your creativity in the kitchen. As long as marijuana is in the ingredients, you can make it as delicious and colorful as you want

  • Cooking marijuana edibles requires little knowledge of ingredients. There is nothing special with the baking process. The recipes are simple to follow and flexible, meaning you can change the steps to achieve different results.

Who Can Cook

If you smoke weed then you may be interested in how to cook weed edibles. The only requirement is a kitchen with an oven but it depends on the type of edibles. Of course, it is only allowed for adults. If you consider the benefits of cooked marijuana in comparison with smoked weed, it would be important to learn how to make weed edible. The recipes are simple enough for anyone who has the time to wait for the simmering process.

How to Make the Edibles

Since making your own edibles gives you stronger, longer, and legal experience, it is important to learn how to make it. Canna oil or canna butter can allow you to make cookies, cakes, brownies, and syrups or candles. If you follow instructions obediently, you can achieve a recipe to replace your smoking. It comes with a great taste and retains the medicinal value.

Here are few recipes to nutritious cannabis.

Cannabutter for Edibles

Use Cannabutter to explore how you can improve your weed bake cooking. Most importantly, it is easy to make and there is no need avoiding to try it out at home.

Here are the ingredients:

Cup of water
1 pound unsalted butter
1 ounce high quality ground weed bud

Place your decarboxylated weed and butter in a pot and add water. Ensure that you maintain low heat to allow it to simmer for up to 6 hours. The water allows the butter to stay moist and not burn. The idea is: as long as the butter stays intact, you can maintain the application of heat. This will allow as many cannabinoids to get into the butter. The most popular method used is 6 hours in the crockpot.

Allow the bake time to cool enough so you can handle it. You may strain out the plant material and discard it as the THC is now in the butter. You may cool it in your fridge overnight to allow it to harden enough.

Your cannabutter is ready for use!

Weed Brownies

These are some of the most popular weed edibles. They are easy to make hence they are a good home alternative to smoking marijuana. In fact, the recipe is easy enough for amateurs and newbies who want to try out their first experiment.

Here are the ingredients:

Chocolate chips
Decarboxylated cannabutter

Here are the steps:

Mix the commercial store-bought brownie mix with your cannabutter to simmer for 30 minutes.

The result is a harder brownie, which is more resistant to spoiling because have nuts or milk.


Making weed cookies is the best way to share it with friends as you can monitor your dosage. For example, you use an ounce of weed in our canna butter that is equivalent to 28 grams of canna oil. Instead of using smoked options, entertain your guests with cheaper means of weed supply by sharing cookies. You will be able to monitor the dosage and control the use every couple of hours.

How to Make the Perfect Weed Edibles