how to grow marijuana

How to Get a Marijuana License?

One of the first things that you need to do before beginning the process of marijuana growth commercially is to get a license. This is not an easy task considering the state laws involved that hinder the process. If you or your company is interested in getting a license, the first step is to understand how difficult the procedure and approval is becoming every day. You need to portray your company as a well-rounded, focused group of people with a clear aim and objective. This will also require for you to have a great team on board. Skillful, experienced professionals always help your case. It also helps to know people in the local municipalities and on the state level as well.

Grow Marijuana

Growing marijuana can be an easy job if you have enough information about it. Today, a lot of people prefer to grow their own marijuana indoors, not only because it is the healthier option, but because of a certain level of satisfaction it has.

The two main things that need to be considered before you start this process are: what your budget and the growing space should be. Based on these two factors, you will be able to pick the right amount of seeds and nutrients. You need to ensure the plant is in a well-lit area and is getting plenty of water. The soil should have the right type and amount of nutrients and the area should be well-ventilated. The most important factor is not to take a spur of the moment decisions with your plant. Make research before doing something different.

How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors/Indoors?

Growing marijuana outdoors can be an easy and fulfilling task. With the outdoors, you have the opportunity to go for a bigger setup. This means more nurturing, as well as more yield. This is a cheaper option as compared to the indoor setup. However, for an outdoor setup, you will need to take into consideration the climate outside, as well as day to day weather changes. After this, pick out a location not susceptible to extreme variations in weather and purchase some soil for the plant to grow in. The plant should be watered regularly and provided with the appropriate type and amount of nutrients based on the size of your plants. Regular fertilizer and plant water will help the plant grow and it will also need protection from the environment.

The option to grow indoors does seem like a costlier option because it requires a special setup for light and ventilation. But it is easier to handle as you control the climate and generally, the amount planted is also less.

Marijuana Grow Box/Grow Lights

When you are growing your marijuana indoors, it is important to remember that the plant requires several environmental conditions in terms of light, ventilation, and humidity to grow. So, for people looking for the successful indoor ventures, the marijuana grow box and grow lights is actually a very profitable purchase. Marijuana grow boxes come with the light system installed, but if you would prefer, the grow lights can be purchased separately as well. These items give the user more control over the environmental conditions and promote a more successful yield. It handles various factors such as light, temperature, humidity etc.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Marijuana?

Sometimes people that try to grow marijuana plants by themselves, whether indoors or outdoors, tend to get frustrated because they aren’t aware of how it takes to actually grow a marijuana plant. So basically, there are different factors that decide how long a particular marijuana plant is going to take to grow. The plant strain, the amount of yield you want and the growing medium are the major factors. Based on these factors, the growing time can take anything from 8.5 weeks till about 7-8 months.

However, if you want to go for the faster option and start getting results quickly, you first need to choose a strain that grows quicker. An example of such a strain is the Northern Lights. There are different methods you could try as well such as the bubbleponics. You also need to keep in mind that there are about 1-2 weeks of drying that needs to take place after the plant has grown and before you can put the marijuana to use.

Vegetative State

The marijuana plant has two basic growth stages. The first one is the vegetative state and the second the flowering state. As is obvious by the name, the vegetative state is that time period in which the plant only grows leaves and stem. When the plant starts to grow flowers and reproductive parts, it has entered the flowering stage.

Which Nutrients Should be Used to Grow Cannabis?

There are two types of cannabis nutrients: chemical nutrients and organic nutrients. What are the differences between them?

Organic Nutrients

Organic growth means that there is no synthetic mean or component to be used. All the ingredients are organic (come from “organic” sources), meaning that chemical salts or inorganic pesticides are not involved in the process of cannabis growth.

  • Create a natural environment for roots, especially if they are growing in a living soil;
  • Organic nutrients are considered to be a great source for creating the smoothest buds;
  • Ecologically sustainable;
  • With the help of organic nutrients, the soil is improved over time;
  • More expensive than chemical (synthetic) nutrients;
  • They don’t suit hydroponic systems

Chemical Nutrients

Chemical or synthetic nutrients include special minerals necessary to fasten the plant’s growth. The most well-known synthetic nutrients are potassium (K), nitrogen (N), and phosphate (P).

  • Fast growing period of the plants;
  • May increase the potency;
  • Higher THC content in comparison with organic nutrients;
  • Chemical nutrients are much cheaper than the organic nutrients;
  • Great choice for hydro

Cannabis has two optional ways of cultivation, each of them has its pros and cons. Try them all to know what works best for you.