how to dry weed fastCannabis ̶ is the plant, which people smoke to feel high and relaxed. Cannabis has not a very good image and reputation surrounding it. However, cannabis is a plant which has major medicinal properties. That is why many countries, including Canada, have legalised marijuana for not only medicinal but recreational uses as well!

Marijuana usually has 3 types: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Indica and sativa are usually smoked to get that high relaxing effect whereas ruderalis does not have that effect. The indica type of cannabis has the highest THC levels. The level of THC in the plant is what contributes to the high effect which people get. It has a sedative effect. Whereas the sativa type of marijuana has more of a cerebral high effect. It makes the person who smokes it more active and helps them to be more focused. This is because sativa contains more cannabidiol than THC. Often times, the indica and sativa plants are bred together to create cannabis hybrids. The hybrids contain the effects of both indica and sativa, however, it depends on which plant was dominant. Hybrid strains can either be indica dominant or sativa dominant. Some indicas and sativas are bred with cannabis ruderalis to transfer the ruderalis plant’s auto-flowering ability. The auto-flowering ability helps ruderalis or the hybrid plant to grow anywhere in any condition.

The main difference which sets out ruderalis from cannabis indica and cannabis sativa is the auto-flowering capability and the fact that cannabis ruderalis does not have a high effect. Cannabis ruderalis has a high cannabidiol content and very low THC. That is why cannabis ruderalis is usually used in the manufacture of paper, textiles, fodder, etc.
If you are looking for ways on how to dry weed fast, you are in the right place.

How To Dry Weed Quickly

Maybe you cannot wait for your buds to be fully dried. Maybe you are running out of your cannabis reserves and really need the cannabis plants to be made into the finished product in the form of a dried flower. However, it does take 1-2 weeks to dry and make the finished smoke-able form of cannabis. It does not matter what your personal preferences and motivation are to harvest cannabis. There exist many ways to dry weed, however, most of them may end up degrading the quality of the marijuana plant and buds. It may make them harsher which may cause you to cough more. However, there are other methods which can help to quick dry weed.

Using Paper Bags and Computer Fans

Brown paper bags are available everywhere. You can get them from your local supermarket, bakery or your local pharmacy as well. To dry marijuana using a brown paper bag, take a few of the fully harvested buds and place them inside the paper bag. Leave the paper bag and let the buds inside the bag dry for 2 to 3 days. If you are not in a hurry, you can leave the buds in the bag to dry for 4 days. However, if you are in a hurry to quick dry cannabis, then turn on your laptop or computer. Your laptops and computers have a fan inside, which helps to cool down the internal machinery of the device. These computer fans expel warm air. Take a paper towel and place your half dried cannabis buds on it. You can either place the paper towels with the buds on the keyboards or anywhere where the computer fan is expelling the hot air from. Leave the cannabis buds to dry for an hour on the spot and keep turning them every 10 minutes or so. When they feel dry to the touch, it means that they are done. However, do not expect your quick dry weed to pack a great load of aromas and flavours and effects. It will have strong effects but not those effects which you would usually get if the weed was dried in a normal process.

Use The Boiler Room as A Drying Place For Cannabis

Many homes tend to have a room, which is solely to keep the water boiler or water geyser in. These boiler rooms, because of the high temperature of boiling water, tend to be very warm and cozy at the same time. This is a great way on how to quickly dry weed. All you have to do is place the cannabis buds in a brown paper bag. If the cannabis buds are taller and are whole plants, you can hang them on strings like you do when you dry marijuana regularly. You will then have to turn on the water boiler to increase the temperature in the room. If the hot water boiler is left turned on for 3 days, your cannabis buds will dry quickly. However, the main problem is that your electricity and water bills may spike to a very high extent. Moreover, you cannot expect your dry marijuana to taste and have the same effects as if it was dried normally. The dry marijuana will be smoke-able and adequate but not completely fantastic and top notch.

Quick Dry Weed Using The Sun

Cannabis farmers and producers have used the sun to dry cannabis buds for a long time. However, the way on how to dry weed fast using the sun is not as efficient as an idea. This is because the quality and the THC, as well as cannabidiol content of the weed, deteriorates. However, if you are in a great hurry, using the sun and its heat to quick dry weed is not a bad idea, unless the quality matter to you. On a quite sunny and warm day, place your cannabis buds in a brown paper bag and then place them on a rock where the sunlight hits directly. Leave your buds for 2-3 days to dry. The buds will have dried but the quality will be deteriorated.


How to get fast stash post-harvest? In this article, you’ve found the best methods that will help you to dry cannabis quickly. But, remember, that all of these quick dry weed methods deteriorate the quality of cannabis.