vape penYou bought the best vape pen available on the market and it has been doing great. Suddenly, one day, you feel the flavor to be slightly off. Well, it is definitely not recommended to jump to conclusions and buy a brand new vape pen. Instead, you can simply clean the vape pen and continue to enjoy the same flavor as always.

Cleaning vape pen is quite important. A clean vape pen ensures that you get a quality vapor regardless of what vaping material you use. Vape pen care is also easier to maintain as the pen-like structures are small and lightweight.

Before you learn how to clean a vape pen, it is suggested to get familiar with the different parts of it. It is also significant to mention that if you use different vapors like herbs, oil or wax, then the cleaning methods are also different.

In this article, we will not only describe how to clean a vaporizer pen but explain about the parts of a regular one as well.

Let us first start with the different parts. A regular vape pen is based on 3 parts, namely the battery, a ceramic heating chamber, and mouthpiece. For proper vape pen care, it is required that each part is separately taken care of. During the cleaning, you have to disassemble the pen so you can reach as many dirty surfaces as possible. The residues can collect in different nooks, which collectively hinder the performance of the device.

• Battery

When you first get your vape pen from the market, be careful of not draining the entire the battery before you even charge it for the first time. For cleaning purposes, check the head of the battery once a week. Small particles of the concentrate can make their way to head so it is required to get them off to prevent damage.

• Herb Chamber or Oil Cartridge

A herb vaping pen will have a heating coil. This is quite delicate, so sharp metallic objects should not be used to poke at it. Instead, you can take a cotton swab or specialized cleaning kit to take out the particles clogging the chamber. Rubbing alcohol is used for cleaning the chamber externally but don’t for the internal region. Same cleaning care can be applied for oil cartridges. However, don’t use any liquids to shake the interior of the tank since they can’t be easily removed afterwards. If the vape pen comes with a clear tank for concentrates, it is suggested to keep the entire pen away from sunlight. This will keep the internal material of the tank functional and fresh.

• Mouthpiece

Being the pathway for the vapor, this part of the pen collects the most residue but will also be easier to clean. Take cotton swab to get rid of any dirt. For more thorough cleaning, you can use rubbing alcohol. You may also soak the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes and wash with hot water afterwards. We suggest you read the device’s manual before using alcohol on this part.

How to Clean a Vape Pen

We mentioned before that cleaning vape pen may vary according to what type of concentrate you vaporize. This post covers the cleaning of both herb and oil or wax pen.

Here is how to clean a herb vape pen:

• Separate the heating chamber

• Tap it gently to let out the residual contents into the trash

• Your device comes with a cleaning brush. Use this to remove dry residue from the chamber and screen. Never use water as there are compact wires inside the device

• Take a cotton cloth to clean the outside and wash the mouthpiece under running water

• Afterwards, screw the chamber connecter back to the heating chamber

• Once the device is completely assembled back, press consecutively the micro button 5 or 6 times to turn on the device

Here is how to clean wax pen:

• Open up the chamber and have the mouthpiece be separated too

• If you have a dab tool available with the pen, then it is more feasible to use. Otherwise, take a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the rim and inner lining of the chamber and mouthpiece

• Keep repeating the process until you notice no black residue sticking to the cleaning tool

• Avoid applying pressure while cleaning in order to prevent damage to the heating coil

• Screw back the chamber connecter to the heating chamber

• Assemble back the pieces and press the micro button several times in succession to turn on the device

Wax or oil pens are quite difficult to clean because the residues are sticky. If you manage to clean the pen on a regular basis, you will have to put in less effort. The design of the pen may also vary from brand to brand but this process is based on a typical pen’s parts.

Now, when you have learned how to clean your vape pen, you should not delay the cleaning. It is recommended not to wait for the vapor to lose flavor before you get to cleaning. Set a periodic time so you can get a consistent performance of your device.

Vape pen care is not just important for the flavor. In fact, it will help with the durability and safety of the device too. It is important that you inhale clean vapors. The collected residue can be quite harmful. If your device comes with a warranty, it is more likely to cover a malfunction if you have managed to keep the vape pen clean.


So, if you think your vape pen is not performing well, get down to the cleaning now. If it still fails to work properly, you may think about a repair or buying a new one. Happy vaping with your clean vape pen!