legal age to vape in canadaTo answer the question “is vaping illegal in Canada”, vaping in Canada is legal. There are no national regulations that control vaping in the country. Instead, vaping laws Canada vary depending on the municipality and province. Therefore, we will discuss the Canada vape laws according to each province in the following post.

Since federally there are no regulations, the government itself does not define any legal age to vape in Canada or legal age to buy a vape in Canada.

Let us now classify the vape laws according to the different provinces in Canada:


In this province, the legal age to buy vape or supplies for vaping is 19 years. This law has been intact since early 2016. It is also illegal to sell vaping products or supplies to anyone under this age. For shops or retailers that sell such products and supplies, they are obligated to demand an identification that proves that the buyer is 19 years or more.

The laws, as of now, are not as aggressive as the Ontario government means them to be. This allows vaping indoors, which also includes restaurants, hotels, and bars. Indoor vaping is allowed as long as the individual authority does not prohibit it.

Some people follow the practice of asking permission or confirming the allowance of vaping if no explicit warning has been displayed or mentioned.

British Columbia

In early 2015, the government of British Columbia put forth a bill that focused on the banning of vape products, even indoors. The promotion and sale to people of under 19 years were also included in the bill. The law was supposed to come into effect in February of 2016.

However, it has not happened so. That is why there are no vaping regulations as far as indoors are concerned. Once again, individual authorities have the right to prohibit vaping on their premises.

Nova Scotia

This province is the first among those who have been able to actually implement proper restrictions against vaping. The vape laws are quite similar to those of traditional cigarettes. Stores are not allowed to keep vape products and supplies in open view unless there are no minors allowed. The laws also prohibit promotion at the points of sale. For example, stores can’t put on posters that promote the products. The legal age is 19 years. Also, places that can’t sell tobacco, can’t sell vaping products and supplies as well. This includes places like pharmacies. However, the vape products are not taxed as a tobacco product.


This province is counted to have the strictest vaping regulations not just in Canada but entire North America. The Bill 44 of this province even prohibits the online advertising of vaping products and supplies.

All vaping-related stuff is treated with the same controls that are applied to tobacco. Additionally, vaping flavors are also banned. Buying can only be possible in person and not online. No tobacco or vape products are to be offered for free. The legal age is defined as minors not buying the tobacco or vape products and supplies. A proof age is required to buy them and must be authenticated by the government.


This province has no defined vape laws. Calgary has a by-law that warns the users of such products about them not being tested. Tobacco is banned here but vape products and supplies can be tried by customers in stores. However, this is only permissible for retailers that specialize in vapes and similar products. Indoor vaping is allowed as long the individual authorities don’t prohibit.


The legal age for buying vape products and supplies is 18 years in this province. The Bill 30 put forth by the government only allows vaping in places where smoking is allowed. Of course, it is permissible in vape shops. Indoor vaping regulations are similar to tobacco restrictions. The promotion rules are also similar to that of tobacco products. Although this bill has the Royal assent, it is still in the proclamation process. This means it is almost implantable but not passed yet. A date of enforcement will be decided once it is passed.

New Brunswick

The province has added vapes to the smoke-free places act and tobacco sales act. The acts have been amended so that vapes products and supplies can’t be sold to people under 19 years and have to be out of sight in shops. Adults are required to accompany minors when entering a vape shop. While rules for signage for health warnings have been removed, it is still not allowed to advertise the products or supplies outside the shop. The indoor advertisement should not be visible from outside either. In general retail shops, the same rules of promotions apply to vapes and tobacco.

How old do you have to be to vape in Canada? It may also vary according to some cities and other regions of the country. The city of Saskatchewan prohibits vaping anywhere smoking is. Vaping inside vape shops is allowed. No indoor vaping laws apply to Newfoundland and Labrador and a new legislation is being worked upon. In Prince Edward Island, the government is seeking to amend the smoke-free places and tobacco sales, and access acts. The amendments will add vapes to the tobacco regulations in these acts.


If you are new to Canada or a specific province and vaping is a habit, then you should learn about the regulations. Do the same if you are switching to vaping from smoking. We also recommend reading the latest vaping regulations for your city, municipality, and province as updates are often made to the different laws. It is advised to respect the laws in order to avoid confrontation with the authorities.