Different Levels of Marijuana HighSharing a quality weed with your friends is one of the most relaxing, glorious, and enjoyable experience. It is the best time to relax, getting high, and relive your stress after a long working day or week.

When you want to celebrate, relax, and bond with others, weed high is much better than any other thing. With it, you neither end up puking up with a hangover. You can use weed to get high as much as you can and then wake up fresh next day without any signs of being high, you’ll feel yourself focused on work and activities.

There are many other things to be loved about getting high.

However, some people are really interested in knowing how much weed to get high. Well, you can find the answer to this question until the end of this article.  

However, there are different levels of high with weed. These levels include:

  • Stage 1 – What Just Happened?

As you were inhaling the weed, your lungs were burning, you weren’t even able to look from your swollen eyes, and you were trying your hard not to cough (but obviously, you were coughing). A few seconds ago, you were questioning your life, and now you have reached the first level of marijuana high.

The tetrahydrocannabinol presented in the weed has just crossed the barrier and entered your brain, reached the receptors and got settled on the CB1 receptor, powered by the neurons, and just has sent you in a dream.

The previous moment you were fine, and now, you are getting high.

  • Stage 2 – Euphoria:

After the first stage, you enter the second stage of weed high. Sometimes, during this stage, you may get overcome with a powerful sense of euphoria. Most probably, you’ll get close to your friend and say in his ears, “I am too high!” And then you get into a laughing phase, which is probably last a little longer than it should be.

You collapse into the couch and feel your limbs as heavy as you start assuming that you are an elephant. You are not able to move on your own, and neither cares about it. All your worries suddenly disappear.

The best part of marijuana high, all worries are gone.

  • Stage 3 – Contemplation:

After the two levels of high weed finished, you’ll experience the third stage, which is contemplation. During this stage, you’ll start to become aware of your place in the universe.

This is the stage when you start thinking about things that you haven’t think of before. You consider all the things that you haven’t consider considering otherwise.

While you are going through the levels of high, there will be many things you’ll analyze and try to understand.

You are just a tiny part of this grand universe. You cannot deny your mortality and the death is your fate. Because of high weed, you become overwhelmed by these thoughts. You start discussing various important matters about the world with your friends, such as the importance of the infinite universe.

  • Stage 4 – Paranoia:

After remained worried during the last stage, you will now become anxious due to a weed high. During this stage, you get off the couch and start the next journey. No, it’s not the journey in search of water and bread, instead, it is the journey of sugar snacks, Mountain Dew, and chips.

During this stage, you may start thinking of everyone as an undercover cop. Finally, when you reach the store, you start believing yourself as a kid who has just found that he is in a CANDY STORE. Soon, you will start stacking snacks in your basket and battling with random thoughts in your mind.

After all of this, you’ll probably leave the store with three bags full of sugary and savory snacks, paying a bill of $300.

As you are moving towards your home, you find different undercover cops keeping an eye on your activities.

  • Stage 5 – Munching:

This level is the most interesting of all the levels of high weed. You reach home and you realize that you haven’t eaten anything for more than 2 years. You start ripping bags of Lays and Marshmallows, mixing them together, and munching on them.

Your body has somehow refused to hold anything. No matter what you eat or drink, you spit it out in minutes. You feel like better to stuff yourself with pickles and sour cream.

This is the moment when you realize that all the bags you bought from the store are empty now. You approach your fridge thinking to empty it.

At this stage, you want to eat everything on the planet. You are ready to eat even an elephant, which is a lot healthier than the things you are stuffing in your stomach.

  • Stage 6 – Repeat All:

Now that you have eaten like a little piglet, it is time to repeat all the stages. One trip through all the levels of high is never enough. You MUST need to go through a second round.

As long as you have weed, the whole process can be started all the way. Weed brings people together. If you have a fight with any of your friends, invite him and share your treasure with him.

  • Stage 7 – Fading:

After a long day of unproductivity, eating, smoking, and being weed high, you start getting sleepy. Though you haven’t done much physically, you come down pretty quickly. You feel worn out as you have run a marathon.

Despite the sleep and fatigue, you feel happy and content. You had a great day with your friends and your loving weed.

Today was the day to chill, tomorrow you will be more productive unless you decide to skip work the next day. You are cool with that too.



Many of you might be wondering how much weed does it to take to get high. Well, it depends on many factors such as how much do you smoke and what is your stamina. Every person is different, so the question of “how much weed to get high?” has a different answer for everyone.

With an open and light heart, you can really enjoy the marijuana experience. For many people, it is one of the best ways to treat many things. So, instead of wasting time on questions like “how much weed does it take to get high?” try it yourself.