Celebrities and CannabisThe legal-marijuana industry is on one hell of a run. A year ago, five states legalized the use of medical cannabis for the selected illnesses, pushing the number of states that have enabled doctors to endorse cannabis past the midway mark. Various celebrities who smoke marijuana are additionally supporting its legalization.

The outcome has been a consistent increment in the North American legal cannabis deals (counting Canada, which legalized the medical marijuana in 2001).

An ever-increasing number of celebrities are talking about their medication use and the celebrities who use marijuana are upholding its legalization. Some of these popular people have never concealed the way that they smoke weed, while other superstar's cannabis positions may amaze you. One Oscar chosen one was even captured when police discovered him smoking weed and playing bongos nude.

Celebrities Who Support Marijuana

Marijuana has for quite some time been a part of the pop culture through music and movies, yet now celebrities are standing up about their true encounters with marijuana and upholding for its legalization. The once forbidden medication has discovered its way into acknowledgment all through the United States, in spite of its ceaselessly governmentally illegal status, with the majority of voting age Americans for the legalization. Marijuana was once represented in the media by the stoner characters or medication masters, yet now marijuana is being represented as usually as liquor. Today, performers, artists, and different celebrities have taken the discussion of cannabis off of the screen and into this present reality.

Here is the rundown of celebrities who support marijuana and celebrities who smoke marijuana:


As one of the most famous and selling music sensation of the 21st century, Rihanna has a fairly huge following. Known to think minimal about the feeling of the overall population, Rihanna hasn't shied far from telling her fans about her association with marijuana. She is among the rundown of celebrities who use marijuana and she doesn’t care what individuals think about her.

One of the hottest vocalists on the scene is known for not minding what anybody says about her. This incorporates a few pictures on the social media that component joints, and transparently conceding that she smokes almost consistently. Despite the fact that she has tried to cut back marijuana, Rihanna is still among the celebrities who support marijuana legalization. The Barbadian artist even launches her own line of marijuana items toward the start of 2016 titled as "MaRihanna."

Danny DeVito

He says "exceptionally excited for legalization" of the cannabis, he is additionally among the marijuana celebrities. At the point when addressed about exercises Danny DeVito and his significant other Rhea Perlman take an interest in, he has straightforwardly admitted that both of them use the green stuff!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is apparently well known for his affection for cannabis than rapping. How might anybody compose an article about marijuana celebrities and exclude Snoop Dogg? Possibly more celebrated for his adoration for cannabis as compared to rapping now, Snoop is only occasionally observed without a joint swinging from his mouth. The rapper, beforehand known as Snoop Lion, changed his name because of his Rastafarian convictions and has even built up his own marijuana product offering titled “Leafs By Snoop”.

Snoop Dogg is extremely frank about his affection for weed and he has been known to light up in front of an audience. He has stated: "So imagine a scenario where I'm smokin' weed in front of an audience and doing what I gotta do. It's not me shooting no one, wounding no one, slaughtering no one. It's a serene motion and they need to regard that and value that."

Jennifer Aniston

The universally adored "Friends" is no more bizarre from green stuff. Jennifer makes no apprehensions about admitting that she smokes marijuana now and then and that there is nothing bad about it. She is likewise among the celebrities smoking marijuana and she doesn’t care what people will say about her regarding this fact.

Susan Sarandon

Not just known for her predominant acting aptitudes, she has for quite some time been an energetic supporter of marijuana use and subsequently, she is in the rundown of celebrities smoking marijuana. She's even gone on record, discussing the use of other street sedates before, so her support for marijuana use is nothing unexpected.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake unreservedly confesses weed smoking and is among the celebrities who support marijuana and its legalization. It is his conviction that if marijuana is legalized, the US will see a lessening in crimes significantly.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is unconventional and not reluctant to test existing known limits, and this incorporates smoking a lot of marijuana and that is the reason she is among the celebrities who use medical marijuana. She confesses to smoking weed all the time and says that it causes her to manage the uneasiness that she encounters and her career stress.

Megan Fox

Possibly with her support, marijuana legalization will move further. Numerous men like Megan Fox, thus a lot of them may support her position to legalize cannabis.

Danny Glover

He is among the celebrities who support marijuana and its legalization. In the past he has joined with different stars at the Buddhafest, to advance the legalization of marijuana. The Buddhafest was sorted out to assemble supporters of the marijuana use.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg got her presentation into marijuana network while looking for the alleviation of glaucoma induced cerebral pains. She is among the celebrities who use medical marijuana and started smoking marijuana, however after she quit smoking cigarettes, she exchanged her delivery strategy for a vape pen. Goldberg has not been timid to impart her insight on cannabis and what it has done to enable her, to composing a column in “The Cannabist”, portraying her association with her vape pen. In the column, Goldberg portrays the delicate alleviation she gets while utilizing her vaporizer and how the discretion enables her to travel with the medication. Goldberg is presently breaking into the cannabis business recently by turning into a maker of medical marijuana items.


Although marijuana is often prescribed for medical purposes, a well-known world celebrities support cannabis not only for treating but for creative thinking and relax as well. More articles, concerning marihuana properties you can find by visiting our site.