The Advantages of Using Tinctures

Before cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs, tinctures were one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Tinctures are made by infusing cannabinoids like THC or CBD into a liquid medium. Most commonly the liquid used is alcohol (everclear), however, some tinctures can also be made with oils such as grapeseed oil, hemp oil, or coconut oil. Nowadays, the popularity of tinctures has plummeted, with many opting for more popular ways of consuming marijuana, such as smoking or ingesting edibles. However, tinctures offer many advantages over other methods of consumption and should be seriously considered. 

For starters, when compared to smoking, tinctures are a much healthier way of consuming marijuana. For health-conscious consumers, tinctures provide a way to achieve the same result without the potential consequences of smoking. Using tinctures is a great way to keep your lungs clean and clear, while still reaping the recreational and medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant. 

Tinctures can be consumed in two ways, depending on how quickly you want the effects to kick in, and how long you want them to last for. The most common way of taking tincture is by placing drops of it under the tongue. This allows it to enter the bloodstream immediately, and for effects to kick in right away. When consumed this way, the high produced by the tincture peaks within 45 minutes, and can last for 2 to 3 hours. If you are looking for a longer high with more body-oriented effects, tinctures can also be ingested (swallowed) like edibles. This method will mean that the effects will take longer to kick in, and will eventually peak into an intense body-high, similar to edibles such as brownies or capsules. 

Tinctures also provide the ability to very effectively control dosage. Because the effects kick in so quickly, users can simply wait a few minutes and then decide whether or not to take more. Unlike smoking, when taking tinctures that are properly labeled, users can know exactly how much of exactly which cannabinoid they are consuming. This makes tinctures a much more convenient option for medicinal users who are following detailed treatment plans. 

Lastly, tinctures provide users with a much more discrete option for consuming marijuana. Most tinctures are nearly odorless and will not arouse suspicion. Additionally, because there is no smoke or vapour being released into the air, nobody else has to know that you have consumed cannabis.