Alternatives To Smoking - Healthier Ways of Consuming Marijuana

Most people consume marijuana in one of two ways, by smoking it as plant matter, or by ingesting it as an edible. However, as marijuana products gain popularity via the legalization movement, consumers are being introduced to other products that offer healthier alternatives to smoking. These products allow health-conscious individuals to consume cannabis products while keeping their lungs clean and clear. Here are the 3 most popular marijuana products that don’t involve smoking…

Vaporizers have steadily gained in popularity since the appearance of tabletop vaporizers like the Volcano and the Vapor Daddy in the early 2000’s. Nowadays, vaporizers have been redesigned and reconstructed to provide more convenience and mobility. Vaporizer pens can not only fit in the palm of a users hand, but can also be charged through USB ports, and can sometimes carry a charge for up to 200 puffs, making them the perfect tool for medicating on the go. Additionally, modern vaporizers don’t just vape plant matter, but also allow users to consume a variety of marijuana concentrates such as C02 oils, hash oils, and THC distillates just to name a few. Countless studies have overwhelmingly confirmed that vapor is not as damaging to the lungs and airways as smoke. 

Edibles have traditionally been consumed in the form of baked goods such as brownies or cookies, and while these remain an option, new alternatives have arrived that give buyers more choices. THC and CBD capsules are completely odorless and completely discrete. Capsules allow users to consume marijuana anywhere, anytime, without raising suspicion. Additionally, because their contents are precisely measured and clearly marked, users will know exactly how much of each cannabinoid they are consuming. If preferred, concentrates like oils and distillates can also be swallowed and consumed just like edibles.

Tinctures were extremely popular before the war on drugs but have fallen out of favour with marijuana culture over the past few decades. However, they are now making a comeback as a safer, cleaner, and more convenient way of consuming cannabis. Tinctures are made by infusing liquids such as alcohol, glycerin, or certain types of oils with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. They can be taken by either placing the liquid under the tongue, or swallowing it like an edible. If taken sublingually, the effects kick in almost immediately, and peak within an hour. If ingested, the high is similar to that of other edibles and will take longer to kick in, but also last longer. 

If you are looking to make the switch to a cleaner alternative for consuming marijuana, consider trying out some of these alternatives. They might just convince you to put the pipe away!