weed careersSince weed or cannabis is legalized in many countries, it is assumed that the careers where you can smoke weed will come into existence. However, since the attitude of employers toward people who smoke weed is not pleasant and many job opportunities require people to have the drug testing done, there are still many weed-friendly careers that you can opt for. If you have been a cannabis smoker, then you must be conscious of the fact that government jobs or jobs in firms, do not allow you to be high at work and have policies of drug testing. Nevertheless, some weed careers are there for stoners who can enjoy smoking weed while at work.

Some of the best careers for weed smokers are usually the ones that do not come under the direct contact of firms or industries that have cannabis policies. Though it has been always difficult to find careers for people who smoke weed in the private or government sector, you can seek for some of the below-mentioned weed careers.

  • Freelance:

One of the best careers for weed smokers is freelancing. Freelancing is a career field where you are self-employed and it does not require you to bind with a single employer. Freelancing results as a great weed-friendly career due to the benefit of working from your own place, at your own timings, and doing your own thing. You can deeply enjoy recreational weed from wherever you work and can perform job tasks that you like. Freelancing includes web-designing, content-writing, graphic-designing and various other options.

  • Entrepreneur:

What’s better than having your own business place? Another mind-blowing career for weed smokers is to have their own business or company in any industry. One of the best things about being an entrepreneur and setting your own company is that you make your own rules. This is one of the best careers for weed smokers because if you don’t want to drug test yourself you don’t have to. Moreover, there will be no employer on your head to keep an eye on you. If you are confused then Michael Bloomberg and Richard Branson are examples for you who have enjoyed this weed career.

  • Restaurants:

Working in restaurants is also a weed-friendly career because the late-night parties and lack of drug-testing make restaurants an exciting career for weed smokers. In restaurants, you can look for many jobs including a cook, waiter, delivery boy or a bartender. All these careers give you a free hand to smoke weed wherever you like. As restaurants are stuffed with wine, bears and alcohol use, smoking weed is not of a big concern for many restaurants. In addition to this, weed is also making its way in the recipes of various dishes. Numerous chefs are experimenting with cannabis-infused dishes. Moreover, a restaurant proof to be an outstanding career for people who smoke weed because it also serves you with the yummiest food and satisfies your hunger needs after you get high.

  • Real-estate industry:

Real estate industry proofs to be a weed-friendly career because of its flexibility and ease of doing the job. Since real-estate agents are hired by agencies but due to their independent status, they are never really drug-tested. However, getting a real-estate license can be a little tricky but you can resist weed for some day in order to get your license. Once you are an approved real-estate agent, no one can stop you from having fun at this weed career.

  • Entertainment:

Another career for weed smokers pertains in entertainment industries. Whether you are a musician, director, actor or hosts, this weed-friendly career gives you the opportunity to have weed and be creative. A number of actors and artists have accepted their love for weed and are still working with great popularity. The main benefit is that sometimes weed brings out your inner talents and hidden capabilities. Moreover, being in the entertainment industry provides you with a chance for creating awareness about recreational weed and perform activities to make weed legalized.

  • Writer:

Being a writer is also a great a weed-friendly career field, as it enables you to do work in whatever state of mind you like. Usually, writing a book or even publishing a book through publishers will not bound you to have a drug test. Many authors have used cannabis for inspiration as it opens the doors of another world to you and your creativity is enhanced by smoking weed. Many of the world’s famous writers enjoyed weed including Shakespeare. Journalism, comic writing, script writing, movie writing are all weed-friendly careers.

  • Ski resorts:

Working in ski resorts are also a great career for weed smokers, because of the fact that resorts are meant for vacation and in vacations, it means all kinds of recreational activities. Moreover, skiing or snowboarding is a great way of enjoying the time while getting stoned in the mountains.

  • Massage therapies:

Many massage therapists use cannabis oil to do massages on their clients. In that environment, having weed can be easily allowed. Massage rooms can also be a good weed career as the employers do not use drug tests on their workers. In addition to this, a pleasurable, harmonious and soothing experience is provided to the clients due to which cannabis consumption fits in easily.

  • Cannabis industry:

As cannabis is making leads to become legalized in various states, the cannabis industry is also providing many jobs to people. However, not every field in the cannabis industry can allow you to smoke weed, but some weed careers can be a cannabis store owner, dispensary worker, or a cannabis grower.


Weed-friendly careers have always been the most sought-after careers for people who smoke weed. Weed smokers had always struggled for some job opportunities that allow them to be high at work. However, recent activities toward legalization of weed may bring weed career opportunities for people. Apart from that, the above jobs can prove to be the best careers where you can smoke weed easily.