how to store marijuanaAs well as with other smokeable herbs, for example, tobacco, it is vital to store weed accurately so as to save its smell and flavor, and in addition, shield it from the mold caused by dampness. In this post, we'll show you the best way to store weed to guarantee the perfect smoke unfailingly. Marijuana is typically sold in compact, cheap containers that are intended to give a protected way to transport your buy home, for example, a ziplock bag. While a baggie will keep your weed fresh for a short time, it is vital to change to better alternatives for storing weed in the event that you need to protect it for in excess of a couple of days.

Why Do You Need to Store Weed Properly?

There are a number of reasons for storing marijuana and some of the reasons to store weed are listed below. Have a look why you need to store and how to store marijuana.


Smelling like weed can be a genuine issue. Obviously, even though when you are not smoking it, the scent enters, offering a tantalizing pleasure for smokers and a warning for the uninitiated. In reality, when in doubt, the smellier the bud, the better it is.

There are a lot of reasons that you might need to hide the scent; from a parental visit to an unsafe travel, or even unfriendly flatmates. Tragically, numerous conventional storage alternatives, for example, plastic baggies or tinfoil simply don't give enough of anonymity numerous stoners need for. Later on, we'll investigate appropriate choices.


Did you realize that longer the weed is presented to air, the speedier it loses strength? Air dries it out and makes all the wetness sift through into nothingness. What you are left with is the dry, flakey weed that breaks apart at the touch and scarcely aims a high. Ordinarily, when a man has mids or Reggie or whatever individuals from your region call average weed, it is on the grounds that it has not been stored properly and dried out.

There are numerous ways to battle this. However, again, easygoing alternatives are simply not up to snuff in the freshness office. Think about it, in the event that you get a pound of dried meat and dispose of it on the counter for 3 days, it will turn sour, correct? Same goes for weed, the more airtight container is, the longer it remains fresh. Now let’s know what type of container you should have to store weed.

What Makes a Good Storage Container?

Here is a general rundown of things that may become an integral factor if you are worried about how to store and where to store weed.

  • Air Tightness

This really matters for both of the factors we have covered previously. Air not getting out will keep the scent from leaking out for the whole world. Air not getting in will keep the weed fresh, potent and strong. Most containers will achieve air tightness, as it is a standard need on any gadget for storing weed.

  • Discreetness

We haven't touched on this issue yet, however, in many cases, you won't need individuals to realize that you’ve some weed on you. You will have to continue to confine your options until the legalization of weed. There is a wide range of choices for tact from objects that resemble something else, to the hidden pockets.

  • Mobility

This is another ignored issue. Certain containers might be great for the home, yet can't fit in the bag or pocket.

  • Light and Temperature

This is an interesting one and plays into freshness. Weed keeps much better when stored at cool temperatures in the minimal light. Besides your choice of container, you should think about the area. Pantries, basements, and other dark, chill rooms are perfect choices to keep the weed strong and sticky.

Where to Store Weed?

Air-tight, dark, glass containers are the customary way to accurately store weed to use it later. Pick a glass container that is the size that enables you to completely stuff glass with the intact buds, leaving a small amount of air that could dry out the weed. Never store weed for a long time in the plastic container. Plastic will open the weed to debasement by the air, light, and temperature vacillations. Much more dreadful, it could draw off BPA, the estrogen mimic, into the weed. No one needs that, particularly the folks.

You require a glass container that seals totally, leaving no fumes or air equipped for leaking out. These types of containers are used for jelly, and the total sealing of container is what keeps weed fresh. In a mode, you’re putting your own kind of organic product saved in the container and you need to keep in all the original dampness, flavor, and remedial plant-medicines of the cannabis. Once you close the jar, and wiped perfect, following a couple of days, you ought to be not capable to distinguish the scent of weed.

Since you’ve placed your weed into the jar, you’ve to come across a dim, cool place where you’ll keep weed in. A drawer or cabinet is a great decision. Make sure to pick a place that doesn’t encounter a lot of change in temperature that could affect the freshness of weed.

Where Not to Store Weed and How to Keep Weed Fresh?

  • Freezer

This appears like a perfect place. A dark and cool place that diminishes the smell as well as is discreet appears like a perfect place to store your weed. Unfortunately, the freezer kills the trichomes on weed that is in charge of the most potent parts of weed. The bottom line is that you should never store weed in the freezer.

  • Plastic

We officially touched on the way that plastic bags are no great, yet this goes for all the plastic containers. While, for the time being, you shouldn't have to stress too much, in case that you store weed in plastic for quite some time it will begin to build up a fake and unpleasant taste. Store weed in wood, glass, or specially designed containers for the best freshness.


Since you know all about how to store cannabis and you're prepared to store weed in the best way, you ought to be prepared for anything the stoner life tosses at you.