cannabisDespite many of the old regulations against the use of cannabis being lifted by many authorities around the world, there still exist a significant number of people who are opposed to the legalization of marijuana. They think that is causing tremendous harm to the body and mind. They claim that it is a gateway drug and its use will lead to people abusing harder drugs like heroin, meth, or cocaine. This way of thinking is largely outdated. Numerous studies have proven many times over that marijuana is the safest drug known to man, even safer than alcohol. But to drive my point deeper, let's investigate the many benefits of cannabis.

Cannabis is perfect for the Anxious

The calming effects of cannabis have been common knowledge for many decades now. People use them when they are particularly stressed and want to relax. It helps with those suffering from sleep disorders, making them sleep faster and deeper. This has led many to develop cannabis products that make people relax without getting high. Research in cannabis' effect on the body is fast-paced with new findings delivered every week. More and more people are changing their minds on the plant's legal status and advocating for its free use.

Cannabis can Helpwith Addiction

There has been much research done on cannabis' effect on people being treated for addiction. Those who consumed marijuana products while undergoing treatment reported better sleeping habits, less anxiety, and better able to cope with the temptation to relapse. This groundbreaking study has led many people to reexamine the drug in another light, as something that could potentially solve the drug crisis that many countries around the world are facing.

Not all Cannabis Products make You High

The image of a stoner, eyes red, and munching on a fried chicken is seared into many people's brain thanks to popular media. What Hollywood fails to show is that consuming marijuana doesn't always have to make you high. Cannabis sativa is only one strain of the plant commonly associated with getting high, but there are other species of the plant that offers many benefits without getting people high. Numerous cannabis products are also available with the full range of benefits minus the euphoric feeling of being high. People who learn of this fact have changed team and started supporting the general legalization of the plant.

Microdosing has is a Growing Trend

The term microdosing has seen recent general usage in popular media. What this means is only consuming a low dosage of the drug, high enough to allow a cellular response, over an extended period of time. What this does is reap the benefits of the plant without the feeling of euphoria associated with getting high. Many who have tried microdosing has reported a better sense of well-being and a positive outlook in their day to day lives. The most common method for microdosing is through a vaporizer or with a low-dose capsule.

You don't have to Smoke it

When people hear the word marijuana or cannabis, what they immediately think are joints and blunts with plumes of smoke around. It might surprise people to learn that there are almost unlimited ways you can consume cannabis. There are vape oils available. Edibles are also a common way to ingest the drug. The term space cookie or brownie means desert confectionaries laced with the plant to induce the feeling of getting high. Cannabis oil is also a quite common way to take in the drug. Smoking only represents a fraction of ways to consume the plant.

The world is changing their opinion about cannabis fast. With more and more countries around the world relaxing their tight grip on the plant, scientists and researchers are faced with more and more freedom to further study the plant and its many benefits to the body. The old ways of thinking are slowly being phased out and replaced with our current understanding rooted in scientific fact and sound logic.

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