weed edibleWeed, marijuana, or cannabis ΜΆ this drug has different names but the substance is the same. Perhaps the most used and common drug, marijuana has a bad name revolving around it. Although this drug does more good for the human body system, rather than harm like other drugs such as heroine, there is a less chance of getting addicted to marijuana, however, some people do get addicted to it.

People tend to smoke marijuana in its dried flower form. It is rolled into a cigarette, also known as a joint. When weed is smoked, the smoke goes directly from the lungs and enters the blood stream. From the blood stream, it enters the brain. That is why when marijuana is smoked, the effects can be experienced within minutes. However, the effects are gone within minutes as well.

Since there is a very unaccepting and undeserved image of marijuana around the world, there have been many types of research carried out about marijuana. Many countries and cities are warming up to the idea of marijuana usage for medicinal as well as recreational use. The bad image still remains. So, if you are wanting to use marijuana, there does exist edible weed on the market. With advanced knowledge and research, people have figured out how to use weed other than smoking it. Edible weed is a great and discreet way to use marijuana without being judged. You can even use edible weed in public without the fear of getting some very awkward stares. The best part is that the weed edible high is on a much greater than when you smoke it. With smoking, you also tend to cough a lot and produce a lot of phlegm. However, health problems like these can be avoided by using edible weed instead!

How Do You Get High With Weed Edibles?

It is quite simple to understand. Basically, when you smoke weed, the cannabinoids enter your body and blood stream through your lungs. The cannabinoids in the weed get absorbed through the lungs. When you use weed in the form of edible weed, the cannabinoids get absorbed into your body through the digestive system processing the weed edible. It takes time for the effects to show, but the weed edible high remains for a long time.

For the weed edible to be effective, it must always be decarboxylated. This simply means that the THC in the weed needs to be activated by heating it. Only then you will get the high level of weed edible.

In your knowledge, you may think that edible weed only exists in the form of edible weed brownies or edible weed cookies. However, that is not the case and with increasing knowledge on the subject of weed, there are many different types of weed edibles being made. Here are a few of the best weed edibles you can either make yourself or find in the market.

  • Food. This is one of the best and the most popular forms of edible weed consuming. Not only edible weed brownies and edible weed cookies exist. Now cannabis is also being added to other foods such as potato chips, butter, edible weed candy, macaroons, pizza sauces, etc. The good news is that edible weed is available in food form or you can make it yourself. The process is quite easy as the THC from the cannabis is easily attracted and can be easily bonded to fatty substances like olive oils or butter. You can easily have the THC infused in the fat and added to different foods. Even curries!
  • Chocolates. Another great way to consume edible weed without feeling weird or shy are chocolates. Chocolate is perhaps the go-to ingredient for people who make edible weed products.
  • Nuts. Om Edibles adds cannabis to a variety of nuts such as pecans and almonds. The cannabis taste isn’t too strong or visible in it, it actually tastes quite delicious.
  • Taffy. NectarBee sells blueberry, or other flavours are available as well, taffy as weed edible. It is suggested that those who have tried and loved salt water taffy should go for edible weed taffies. Otherwise, they should avoid it because they will not like it.
  • Cannabis oil. Cannabis oil is the second most popular weed edible in the market. Previously cannabis oil was only available on a prescription for medicinal purposes in some countries or it was all-together banned and very expensive to get your hands on. However, now it is quite easy to get from cannabis growers.
  • Drinks. With edible weed being infused in foods much easily, many cannabis producing companies are now also producing THC infused drinks. For example, sodas, green teas, coffees, etc. THC is infused in drinks in the same way as foods. The weed must be decarboxylated and introduced to the drink in some way.
  • Tinctures. These are cannabis extracts which are alcohol based. They are quite potent and have strong weed edible effects. It is great for people who want to administer an exact dosage. Just keep it in your mouth for two three minutes and let the cannabis extract absorb.
  • Cannabinoid powder. These powders have no taste and are great for people who hate the way weed tastes or smells. You can dissolve or add cannabinoid powder in anything. From drinks to foods. Add it to your drinks or baked goods. You can control the dosage as well.
  • Cannabis pills. These pills are a low-key way of getting your dose of cannabis. It is metabolised in your stomach, like edible weed food.


Apart from these edible weed products, there still exist a number of other products and foods which are being infused with THC. Try and test each and every weed edible if you love the edible weed high effect or just like getting high. Edibles are a great way to do so quite discreetly.